Boxcar Poetry Review is an online poetry journal showcasing the work of new and established poets with new issues appearing quarterly. What are we looking for? Simply the best poetry out there, be it lyric or narrative, or somewhere in between. Take us someplace new. Move us. Transport us. Run us over with a locomotive of brilliant imagery and voice.

Boxcar Poetry Review seeks great poetry, art, photography, and reviews of first books of poetry.

While interviews with a first book poet are always welcome, we're especially interested in conversations between two first book poets. So if you've recently published your first book and know another poet with a first book, consider reaching out to them to participate in an extended email conversation about each other's books as well as your own.  Feel free to explore a range of topics that are related to writing, influences, resistances, and where you feel this book has taken you or will take you next. What's on the horizon? What are you passionate about? What do you have questions about? What are curious about with regard to someone else's writing and process?  Once you're done, edit it into one document of about 5-10 pages in length and include bios for both participants.
Reviews should engage the text (ie. close reading) and may either be academic or personal in their nature. Reviews from 500-1500 words are preferred. Include a brief bio in the text of your email. Please note that we only take reviews of first books of poetry (no chapbooks). If you would like to submit your book for review please query for instructions.
Are you a publisher or press with a forthcoming first book of poetry? Or, are you a first book poet seeking a review of your new book? Send us following and we'll help find a reviewer for your book.

1. Title, Author, Press, Publication Date, ISBN, Blurbs, and any other useful book information -- Press Releases work too.

2. Contact information for your press (once we have a reviewer lined up, we will contact the press and have the book sent directly to the reviewer).
Are you interested in reviewing first books of poetry? Would you like to get free books of poetry in exchange for writing a 500-1500 word critical response to a new book? Boxcar Poetry Review needs you!

Send us the following:

1. Your name
2. Your contact information (email and postal addresses)
3. A brief bio of yourself (4-5 sentences is fine, including past publications if any)
4. Any preferences you have for poetry books you'd like to review (either specific titles or types of poetry). No preferences? That's fine too.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
We are actively seeking photography and artwork to complement the writing we publish in Boxcar (it may be helpful to review previous issues to get a sense of our aesthetic). Images should be around 640x480 (our typical display size for the images we use) and no more than 1024x768. Please keep image file sizes (at least in the initial submission) to under 1MB per image.
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